bass, beats, bleeps, repeat...
into  music production, stem and fx mixing, remixing, dub versionING, djing, live & field recording, mastering, lacquer cutting, dubplates, vinyl, records, labels, artwerk, reviews, press, promo n such
phone  +49 178 8102999
email  lxc at lxc808 dt com
presskit  download 91mb
wob 2.0  discogs soundcloud
hearthis (recorded sets) bandcamp mixcloud resident advisor fakebook instashame
check out  alphacut bssmssg
MUSIC  dj, producer & remixer
220222  It went on with some rumble in the jungle! Continuing the LXC archive with "shine" with late 90s dubplates and tapes, which shook clubs in Leipzig and some heads' heads, check bandcamp. feel free to follow!
220113  it started with a bassdrum! kicking off a complete digital discography with "rise", the super early works from 1993-97 under Core. Heavy Breakbeat vs Happy Listening, check bandcamp or prelisten on soundcloud. more to follow up close to soon!
210616  a happy tenth anniversary of our krautrock weekendband teh furunkles is celebrated with a release of the sweet trashy casio lullaby "forest stone hill" as very last tune on a well selected dub tape called sub signals which can be ordered at basscomesaveme or their bandcamp and prelistened on soundcloud
210219  recording of last nights zulu steppaz stream show is up on mixcloud, starting 0h34m40s until 2h17min27s, warming up with lots of deep morphy & theory goodness from years back, a space n bass part incl alpha cutauri showcase, some spice n trash leading towards the jungles and finally the upcoming alphacut 12inch
200311  rip naoki of discshopzero. today would have been your birthday. the mighty bristol x tokyo compilation donates to your family. "men hiki men" done with jb is on it, ya welcome!
200122  first reviews for the cyanz seven inch keep popping up, check the hails on frohfroh by lovely kid kozmoe, the praisings on basscomesaveme by dubby t or the literal masterpiece by pehle for kreuzer leipzig (pic following) - germoan language only so far, sorry!
200121  lxc-only guest mix for sun people('s) show on sub fm is now up on soundcloud, you'll find it at 1h 1min 10sec
200113  out now on preorder is 45seven's twentieth single vinyl release holding Cyanz and How Bleep Is Your Dub featuring emperor echo.
grab & support UK pre-order via redeye germoan pre-order via Suburban Trash, for early bird vinyl goto discogs.
190130  live recording of the (bh)ambient set at ifz leipzig for the new project LEN8 is now up on hearthis for stream and download, featuring earlier abstract studio sessions, vinyl clicks n crackles, drones and live fx
180511  got a ravey refix work out on defrostatica's cd compilation entitled future sound of leipzig. also on are ruz, brkn1, booga himself and many more. peep preview on soundcloud or fully check and support it on bandcamp.
180117  live recording of 45seven takeover set at future roots stage at a bass odyssey at mensch meier berlin is now up as soundcloud showreel and hearthis download.
watta night full of vibes!
171002  done 2010, been out on 10inch in 2012... "i Know u" is now finally up for digital grabs on subtle audio bandcamp along whole early bustle Beats sublabel backcat, cheers to Code sayin "Hope this gets that amazing tune you did into more DJ sets - what a BANGER !"
preview it on youtube as well as soundcloud ...
170816  a dubmonger meets lxc collaboration done 2011/12 is finally out on vinyl:
"101 delaytionz" is available as part of "Sounds From The Well" 12inch, a collection of unique dubby oriental whatever bass tunes, out now on Khaliphonic by ZamZam.
check 101 delaytionz preview, audio showreel of all songs on that plate and make sure to grab twelve here
160616  all relevant lxc sets & recordings are now available via hearthis for both streaming and downloads
160204  recording of lxc clashslot on plugdub soundsystem at bassculture soundclash at conne island leipzig last august is now up as soundcloud showreel and dnbshare download.
get yourself one hour of bass, dub, steps, jungle, fx, vocals and a good amount of lush clash tension, it was a wicked session as this short video footage barely shows
150818  recording of zommerfezt digital set now up as soundcloud showreel and dnbshare download, containing 1h of amens, juke & choppage on a positive kill
150609  back on da knobs, finished that old warrang basstard for 45seven, to be released late 2015 on 7inch
150325  ohm berlin vinyl set recording is now up as soundcloud showreel and dnbshare download, enjoy one hour of halfstep, drumfunk, concrete jungle and other innocently labeled noises
150202  looooong one, sorry... recording of the back to back set with fran at the ventral vibrations debut night at ifz leipzig is now finally up as soundcloud showreel and dnbshare download
141127  join another journey to alpha cutauri, a good two hour mix of drum&space and clicks&bass, check and download it at soundcloud or stream it at mixcloud
141114  good things need longer! finally out! the alpha cutauri 12inch with three ziontific space excursions, shipped by mighty hard wax
140912  recording of the vinyl set at 4 years klangbiotop night at about blank berlin is up, holding 2 hours of classic drum&bass from uk & germoney. catch it as soundcloud showreel, mixcloud stream or dnbshare download
140804  ten years after the very last lxc drum&bass 12inch, there is an ep out on nothing else but alpha cutauri, and it is up for the early birdies at alphacut.net/#aca
140729  recording of karl marx land's skweee party night are now up, including hip hop, rave, hardcore, electro, drum&bass, jungle and idm. as usual, check it via soundcloud, stream it via mixcloud or download a hi q version on dnbshare
140407  recording of last weeks rollout set at the slowsound night in leipzzzzig is now up, holding slowfast 160 beats as well as 200ish twerkery and d&b jungle mashness as usual... check the showreel on soundcloud, stream on mixcloud or download at dnbshare
140221  lxc slowfast jungle refix for annuluk is now up on vinyl! order it via the band's site, or catch it on discox. if you are around leipzig area, feel free to get in touch for a real life copy.
audio is up at redeye...
131125  finally finished the remix request for the future world music band annuluk, prelisten it on soundcloud.
it will be out on wax in very early 2014, watch this space!
131028  live recording of saturdays therapy session inna helloween edition madness in nijmegen netherlands! prelisten with the showreel on soundcloud, listen to the stream on mixcloud, or catch the download thru dnbshare. further, enjoy the amazing pictures of that night at a gallery on facebook
131023  live recording of last weeks show in berlin, 100min 174bpm trip from berlin to space and back , at the moniker eggplant birthday night at beiruth, done with pacemaker, monotron and rv3. check the showreel, have it streamed, or get the dwnload
130820  finally out! the very special 7inch on our 45SEVEN dubwize jungle imrpint, bringing you versionings of the very first release "tread this land". check out audio here and here and be sure to catch your own copy on alphacut.net/#457
130814  working on a remix for the local worldtronics band annuluk, catch a preview here. there will be a 12inch with remixes by karl marx stadt & wadadda as well, but only if you support the project on startnext, cheers up!
dj flight dropped it on rinse fm the other day, nice one
130813  check the sunday openair digital djing session live recording with 2 hours of pretty much only forthcoming alphacut or 457 sounds as showreel, stream, download
130428  live recording of the two hour allover lxc feature set at the ten year alphacut anniversary night, april 13th, check preview showreel on soundcloud, download 320k mp3 directly at alphacut.net or check it out on youtube including some pics taken at that night, cheers duc
130207  ready for some more tread this land versioning? pre listen dreader than land featuring the untouchables, coming up super soon on 4571v seven inch vinyl
121231  all the bass and a happy nu clear! check a radio microset of my fav skweee tunes, for the very last bleephop show no 222 on nov13 at radioblau leipzig, up now here on soundcloud
121215  played a lil ruffer djset at a fakecore squat rave in leipzig in november, check as showreel, stream or dwnload
121121  some atmospheric dubness up for free download as the label is defunct andcoming uo the release is offline: juusu dub for zee on soundcloud
121120  more experimental bleepness on pcmsv011 12inch by lxc, parallel, eschaton & ibunshi! available for pre-order soon, audio up here
120923  new clip up on soundcloud of a collabo with emperor echo of the dubmonger collective, playing melodica on top of some bleepy delay experiments
120910  we nah ease uppa! recording of last weeks show at ease up^ at Conne Island leipzig, check the showreel on soundcloud, including stream & downlink links
120824  finally it's time to catch "i know u" digitally at subtle shop, flac massive!
120815  roots! lxc with dubmonger pondi original 4571a riddim by the untouchables & morphy! forthcoming on mighty seven inch pvc, prelisten now, here!
120705  new lxc studio set, recorded the other day at it's yours show at radio blau: check soundcloud showreel, listen to the mixcloud stream
120704  syncoxxx is up: syncopathic digital freebies! get tunes by double o, theory, sub & myself lxc, right here
120510  last minute refix business for justice' mjazz, dropping a seven inch with remixes for diamond eye. flip will be an amazing version by morphy aka dubmonger, prelisten the lxc ziontifix and feel free to spread the word! until then, enjoy the pics of the diy cover spray paint & stamp session here... a few copies are here at the lxc hq, so get in touch & come along
120422  live recording of the b2b allover jungle set with rophon at atari: stream on mixcloud or leech at dnbshr
120401  first decoded trance-missions from alpha cutauri: prelisten eleven eleven
120327  catch us on a ruffer session this friday at atari leipzig with electric kettle
120302  spontaneous micro show tonight at leipzig feinkost eishaus: lxc longside lowcut inna dubwise session
120224  just received a weird message from outa space and put it into a tune, comin up later this year on pcms
120220  catch a copy of i know u on bustle 002 10 inch vinyl directly at subtle audio shop
120218  check the ease out set on mixcloud alongside lowcut at conne island, two weeks ago at the hybris night
111215  we have celebrated 3 years of bassmaessage series at zoro leipzig with all the homies pon decks! feel free to preview, stream or download the lxc hour of dub, 140, tribal, jungle and dubwise drum&bass music
111013  the warmup at the 2nd ease up^ issue at conne island leipzig on october 8th was big fun. listen to or download 2 hours of a digital-only pacemaker set with 99% unreleased dubs. cheers to the musicians involved for sending their amazing works over! idm, dnb, jungle, dub!
110830  finally finished the alphacut labelmix for 2011, strictly made on the wheels of steel, check it out on the alphacut page
110801  bigups to the man like d.i.s for catching mystic dan in braunschweig, filming this well wicked short take, which is promoting the next lxc dj gig in chemnitz, august 13th
110725  catch a snippet of "i know u" on soundcloud, it is finally due this fall on vinyl thru the lately installed subtle audio offshot called bustle beats. really looking forward to this one, thanks for all the shouts!
110719  check "dubweiser", a bit random 140 tune with karl marx stadt, which is gonne be out soon digitally on the dubstep compilation sycopaths volume 2 of the austrian drumfunk imprint syncopathic by the man sub
110717  listen to this verry chilled out dubwise set on mixcloud. done in june, mixed digitally only with a tiny pacemaker device at radio blau's bleep hop show. thanks for the tunage to morphy, the untouchables, flatliners & reza, shouts to all soundheadz in leipzig east!
110713  check the live recording of the lxc appearance at the legendary first leipzig connewitz blockparty on mixcloud or soundcloud (download enabled!), very various styles inside: dub, downbeats, dubstep, halfstep, hiphop, drum&bass, drumfunk, jungle, raggacore! had some nice vibes, wicked outdoor microrave, thanks for making this possible & cheers for all the support!
110713  live recordings of the sets by martsman, lxc and lowcut of last friday's alphacut night promoted by sub9 at gebäude9 cologne are now free to grab at the alphacut site, you'll find it easily on top of the middle column
110531  LXC studio check, pics and loads of details... pon frohfroh blog here, in germain only, sorry bruvs!
110519  lxc performs with martsman & lowcut at gebäude 9 cologne, june 10th 2011
110509  lyzerk 7inch now finally available at toolbox france, cheers felix & chris!
110430  tonight! leipzig! g16 festival! 4am! LXC!!!
110111  just put up some older sets on the lxc mixcloud, will post the latest recordings quite soonish
101223  all the bass and a happy new roar! leech the lxc xmess freebee mpthrash called "lions & tings" right here!
101211  tonight! smoking sessions at zoro leipzig, having synkro, tkr, lxc (5am set) and manymany more! earlier that night: 10 years querbass at chaiselongue halle with lowcut, zapotek, lxc (3am) and and and ...
101206  code of subtle audio in the kmag talk: "i have plans for a new vinyl sub-label called Bustle Beats [...] and I've also signed tracks by LXC, Senses and Insight." boh!
101122  teh lyz(w)erk 7inch now on juno, thx for support!
101013  touch bass! nasdia 006 record release, tonight at t6 bassment leipzig! lx alongside lowcut, cun, bassick!
100928  lxc drops bass inna eastern hood - bssmssg is sending out a signal! on dex: base, tronic, sh1, rizla, karl marx stadt and more
100903  ever heard dubstep with acid? nooo, not actually on acid. more like acidlines on upfront 140 beats?
"teh LYZ(W)ERK 45" 7inch is out now on sozialistischer plattenbau! "GOD IS ALIVE ... AND WELL IN A SUGAR CUBE"
100900  "locked in" 45 rpm loop out on alphacut ten, the anniversary 12inch featuring one side full of 111 locked groove loops, each one done by a different artist
100816  spacefuck 001 with karl marx stadt is now available at juno
100812  catch martsman & lxc at lavez maria festival in strasbourg france, late night heavy sublow vibes of various styles!
100804  who needs fusion if there are small, free and very open minded festivals like la libertad, just a stone's throw away! catch us there at the dnb dungeons
100730  finally available: SPACEFUCK 001! be sure check "space" with karl marx stadt
100710  looking forward to rock pondi boat alongside martsman, miss le bomb, bruno & michell, ... august 13 & 14th in lovely strasbourg france
100623  mixing down Lyzerk - for a forthcoming 7inch on Sozialistischer Plattenbau
100520  lxc operates some new dididub bits longside karl marx stadt, 1am at raum 18 kreuzkoelln berlin!
100426  catch me alongside mighty dj flight at mikz berlin on may 21st
100410  leizig! tonight! lxc + table tennis + kicker + dangermouse + bar = lxice! come along eishaus at feinkost and stay cool!
100228  BASS, THE FINAL FRONTIER. SOON COME! "space" with karl marx stadt
091111  lxc played a live show with Karl Marx Stadt this summer, including his new digidub tunes and our collaborations, with some lil casio and dub tone impros... no d&b, no dubstep really, just nice warm sound against the cold & grey fuckup which is going on outside!
091100  finished additional production on paranoid society's tracks "crp thm" and "swimming in the booze", to be released on alphacut 014 and 016 in earyl 2010... lots of spring reverbs and dubbed out micro hooks ahead!
091021  latest release:DUBCORE VOLUME 8 7inch! featuring "gimmy my microphone" by Arrebite from Brazil, plus the flipside dub version, all mixed and produced by LXC, booom!
090208  "lxc juusu dub" for z99 out digitally on netcords, don't be afraid of straight bassdrums if you check this ep, altho the lxc tune is oldskool 172ish
080407  "lock in" out on alphacut 007 12inch
080407  lxc remix of hi-lar's "back on trip" for out on offshore's 20th 12inch
080300  "rinzo" featuring karl marx stadt on dub siren is out on sozialistischer plattenbau's we bomb fi dubs vol 3 12inch
080000  lxc refix of martsman's "some minimal business" out on subtle audio's volume 1 double 12inch compilation
070200  karl marx stadt used to join the studio, working on doubling bubbling dub monsters
061000  lxxxc's "blue box" refix for karl marx stadt and "dagagen ii" is out on alphacute's Pink Ponies Versus Blue Bytes 7inch
060900  lxc finished a song collage called "fight" to be released on alphacut 005 12inch, made of great but unfinished society suckers and mze tracks
060200  lxxxc's three 4 bit bits out on alphacute 000 7inch. fresh bleeps and clonks, not for dancefloor mayhem really, but lotta fun at least. this 7" prelaunches the alphacut sister label, preparing you for more trash later on!
051110  been in the drawer for a couple of months, "we have to hold apart", the very first concept lonplayer by lxc is out on plainaudio digitally for free.
040900  "rave is back" out on phantomnoise 00010 12inch. alex at phantomnoise called it 'the last drum&bass record on earth'. check these two incredible anthems and 8 locked grooves on nice green fluorescent vinyl. bleed of de:bug said: "the latest phantomnoise brings back the times of the stepperbeats and I wish I were back in 96."
040200  "the most important" out on santorin limited 300 12inch. de:bug says: "[...] monstrous funksound with breaks, we've never heard again since the experimental times of digital and dillinja in such an overheatet deep and brute way."
040100  "rude bwoy - lxc rmx" for cycom out on alphacut 003 12inch. "made to shake the dancefloors of the rebublic" (raveline). "if drum and bass is energic music, its like this" (png).
031200  "stick em up" with mze out on alphacut 002 12inch. "the probably most provocative d&b tracks in germany for a long time." (de:bug)
030000  "rush rmx" for alexdee out on phantomnoise 006.66 7inch, alongside a mighty mighty society suckers remix as well
020800  "dropscience" is out on feinkost 13's space odyssey 12inch picture disc
020000  the lxc vinyl debut "strukturbruch ep" is out on phantomnoise 004 12inch
... ... ...

AUDIO  some mastering works
210918  space to note down what to add...
SPB 12041, BIT 06, RM12008 and RM12009, 0000 017, SPB 12042, DICA 015, ACA X, BCSM 006, DICA 017, Greta 03, RM 12011, ELKTRN 001, RM 12012, 0000 012, DICA 018, VDR 004, BCSM 007, SPB 12043, ABZ 003, RM 12013, RM 12014, DICA 019, nsyde 017, ...
201001  mastered and cut basscomesaveme's bcsm 005 by jah schulz holding six lush deep minimal dub works and
ff 001 compilation for leipzigs frohfroh blog featuring various electronics by tinkah and more
200420  mastered and cut toni wobble's debut twelve on basscomesaveme's BCSM 004 - a milestone in dub and bass culture by leipzigs maddes dubber representing plug dub and sunplugged soundsystems
and also t-variant 03 about submarine techno by X/319
200317  mastered and cut felix k's nullpunkt 0000 010 with technoid & abstract excursions, ARTLESS 2176 with friendly atmospheric breakbeat techno on the mojuba sublabel, VARY 03 by schmeichel with some deep juke, former citey's FCR 008 with a versatile ghetto bass compilation and four jacks with their debut 4J-001 about crunchy oldskool jungle
200212  finally finished master and cut for ACR 3010 - the new full on amen jungle alphacut 12inch ep by sumone, skubi, istari lasterfahrer & ill_k including 20 locked grooves
200204  prepared and cut spb 12040 which is a glourios vinyl reissue of a former cdr album by istari's punk band schrankaffe incl female vocals, great lyrics, rumbly recordings and various surprises,
also mastered and cut dica 014 by bsn posse for leipzig's defrostatica label incl plently of bass, some turbo parts, well done juke stuff and some epic soulful moments
200121  mastered and cut jebac #02 for slepcy's Jebactyhihten label, an interestingly challenging 12inch between listining fidelity and raw breakcore dirt
sorry  for being late with updates - did a good bunch of cuts and i will defo put them in later, for now check discogs tech credits for the major list of cutting & mastering references
130618  cut 45seven's 4571V by dubmonger, the untouchables and lxc and 4574 by king fifi aka flatliners, hidden hawaii's HHD LTD 009 by dave hoax and scale and HHD SUB 003, ulan bator's sublabel junglivity's juli 005 and juli 006 by noone else but future jungles chief officer bay b kane
130608  cut LUN 001, MUTED 001, FLOP 0005 by tlic, ...
120412  cut hula honeys 007 by bit-tuner, some glitchy fatness by the swiss abstract hiphop don
120404  cut kann 11, some nicely odd dubtechy house, and skudge pt004, more on the ruff side of the house
120210  cut for rose 02, pushing leipzig's underground house pearls to audio heaven
120118  cut playtracks 011 by the label's head t bachner with some nice laid back experimental electronics... audiophile mode on!
120110  hands on vinyl & digital versions of ortloff 05 by amazing idm artist pork four
111223  pushed morphy's three wise dubs. a free charity ep, which refers to the mastering work as well, pls support it!
111221  cut for all the up and coming hidden hawaii vinyls, including amazing works by martsman, and & felix k
111220  cut adnoiseam 155 by DJ HIDDEN, BROKEN NOTE, NIVEAU ZERO & BALKANSKY
110926  twiddled final knobs on absys' new cd compilation named mystical deep 2, featuring splendid deep minimal drum&bass by loxy, naibu, anile and loads more
110908  cut nasdia 007 with two new marvellous uptempo bits by self contained. killer experimental d&b, don't miss!
110907  cut the lr ep by steve porter from japan, the new masterpiece in atmospheric rhytmic noise on weevil neighbourhood
110808  cut ACR 025 feat. a collab of parallel & relapse and the new germän talent scale. and, straight away even ACR 026 as well with the debut of leipzig's lowcut and another banger by parallel & tim reaper. contemporary jungle from alpha cutauri!
110805  just finished pushing levels of the world bass double cd compilation on jump up, celebrating 10 years of lucha amada, including one bit by soom t & disrupt as well as stuff by watcha clan, manu chao, ...
110731  cut RM 01, the very first resistant mindz vinyl, a promising debut of experimental hiphop & headz beats from straight outa leipzig
110620  cut the new hula honeys seven hon 04 by schnauz, weird chippy breakcore micro rave! 2 tunes on vinyl, 5 digitally
110719  cut SKUDGE 004 R including works by substance and appleblim
110707  cut ROSE 01, the debut of a tiny leipzig based house label run by monoskope, lowcuts brother, and friends
110707  cut FAT 052
110627  cut NACHTI, a 10inch vinyl pressed especially for this year's nachdigital festival issue
110607  cut EBC 013
110606  cut SPB 12019, the amazing meanwhile third album by karl marx stadt. it is full of ambient, electronica and playful idm. i'd say, a classic even before its official release!
110525  cut RestRoom 12014
110518  cut UV 005
110516  cut ADN 140 & ADN 144
110516  cut The Morning Line
110420  cut ADN 143
110420  cut UV 004
110418  cut Ghostleighdubz 010
110404  cut HHD solaris (3x)
110404  cut RESPECT 005 (2x)
110301  cut ACR 024
110301  cut UV 003
110204  cut BLINDFOLD
110127  cut ADN 142
110117  cut MAS 19.02
101216  cut FAT 050
101123  cut Ghostleighdubz 009
101102  cut HRMN 14
101021  cut NASDIA 006
101014  cut SKUDGE XXX
101014  cut SPM 007
101013  cut ADN 134 & ADN 133 LP
101005  cut ADN 137 & ADN 135
101005  cut ULAN 004
100831  cut BP 11
100707  cut UV 01
100701  cut DTK 011
100626  cut Ghostleighdubz 008
100615  cut SKUDGE 001 R
100607  cut ADN 131
100606  cut SPB 12018
100602  cut HHD QNS 5 & HHD QNS 6
100525  cut RESPECT 004 & RESPECT 003
100524  cut HODE 140
100518  cut ACR 020, ACR 021 & ACR 022
100512  cut SKUDGE 003
100427  cut GHOSTLEIGHDUBZ 007
100426  cut FAT 12INCH 001
100419  cut MP 300 (recut)
100329  cut MTR 666
100329  cut JULI 002
100329  cut SPM 006
100315  cut SKUDGE 002
100315  cut DISKANT 02
100314  cut SONIG 80 LP
100308  cut ACR 018 & ACR 019
100304  cut HHD QNS 2
100217  cut Spunky Monkey 005
100210  cut WEEVIL (3x)
100202  cut SPACEFUCK 001
100202  cut RESPECT 002
100121  cut ULAN 003
091207  cut ADN 124 & ADN 120 LP
090922  cut ADN 119 & ADN 114
090917  cut RESPECT 001
090821  cut Ghostleighdubz 005
090805  cut ADN 113 & ADN 108
090605  cut SPB12016 & SPB12017, KILLA 003 & ADN 96
090526  cut JULI 001
090129  cut FLOP 0003
090000  cut spb 7018, suga 001, acr 009, ... and a double cd mastering for santorin ambassadors san 005 cd, 40+ tunes of massive dnb
080000  cut prkl! 001, adn 102, sun 01, au 09, hon 01, ulan 02, horse 001, td 14, acr 007, nero 013, ...
070000  cut sti 024, spb 12011, rvol 002, adn 76 lp, trim 004, acr 006, ...

SHTUFF  twiddle & fiddle
180418  had the honour to do another artwork for bassmaessage and decided to do a papercraft cardboard flyer which allows you to build your own little model of zoumo soundsystem in three different setups. did a poster as well with a photo of the middle size system when it is completed. check it out...
161202  put together the "big winter interview" for frohfroh webzine, speaking with and about minor label and its origin, concept, sounds, networks and records. in germain only, sry
141015  started to write music reviews for leipzig based webzine frohfroh, unfortunately in german language only, sorry.
kicking off with an huge interview with karl marx stadt, followed by drum&bass ep reviews for kjubi, neonlight and wintermute
140910  did design for monthly program flyer for small punk alike microsquat bar "atari", check pic here
130221  digi filming and audio recording for fracture interview by tina of it's yours, taken along the ease up night in november, check it out here
130214  rob of organic requested an interview about alpha cutauri and how it came up, leipzig and the likes, check it here
130128  alpha cutauri is here - another fresh alphacut sublabel! this time its all about space, deepness and minimalism artist eps... check the journey to alpha cutauri mix, buy the vinyls at hardwax or alphacut.net and read the interview feature on german frohfroh fanblog until you hold em in your lucky hands
120523  welcome our new label 45seven! set up in collaboration with morphy aka dubmonger check the 457 soundcloud for now, microsite coming soon!
120514  check q&a with morphy dubmonger about alphacut, watta, gear & beer on his blog
120215  night test of our dslr accomplished! we had hybris at the last ease up issue, and i banned him into this 4minutes of strobe and bass: enjoy!
110930  some words on mastering and lacquer cuts in the latest de:bug issue, alongside pole of scape, loopo of d&m, schnittstelle and manmade. check check!
110922  two night shifts of textile silk screen printing at the great studio of deviate, thanks for this possibility! looking forward for final touches on alphacut's alphacotton on-demand t-shirt line, looking a lil something like this
110917  first attempts in digital video recording and basic editing for the 2008 song lock in which appeared on alphacut 007 back then
110826  the alpha cutauri vinyl playground spaceship is about to land! check our intergalactive record store tomorrow at the l'ost street festival in leipzig's ruffer eastern part! come along and enjoy vinyl, beats, loops, sampling, effects!
110804  hellcome to the new lxc808.com, straight up 1998 oldskool html, but who cares anyway, so have fun!
110803  just refound witness of my 2004ish "rave is back" record in this video of a poland teknival in 2007, big lols!
110724  the guy known as karl marx stadt came along and did this awesome diy video in the lxc interim studio walls. filmed with a canon 550d and a macro lens in 3 hours and cut in another 3 hours in ableton live (haha, for real!) without any tonal adjustment - really stunning result for that, check!
100804  enjoy this BLEEP-CLIP feat LXC at radio blau studio. Clip by CS, Music Jingle by Noize Creator, curated by micha bleep-hop
110419  seven dnb music enthusiasts from leipzig kick off a new thoughtful jungle night series called ease up, and the citey's most dedicated blog frohfroh featured it kindly. don't miss morphy on april 21st at conne island, and hold tight for the lineup of october 8th!
100926  lxc got interviewed by fff about vinyl, labels, numbers and the oh-so-weird thing they call future
050726  our one and only de:bug feature ever, about our labels, a style called fakecore and other nonsense. the interview was done by oliver lichtwald of santorin. in german only unfortunately.
041000  got mentioned in future music's city report leipzig. it is in german only, sorry.
030500  took part in a multi-person interview feature in ouk mag by lightwood of santorin, called "drums, drums, drums - germany searches for the super bass". it is about the alphacut label and whats going down while running it... again, in german only, sorry!